[Publication]: Microfluidic 3D Bioprinting Towards a Renal In Vitro Model

Mar 10, 2021

Watch our webinar with Dr. Carlos Mota from Maastricht University on Bioprinting of Kidney In Vitro Models

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Check out some of the latest work on kidney disease model development from our friends at Maastricht University: Microfluidic 3D bioprinting towards a renal in vitro model

In this study, Carlos Mota and colleagues established methods to bioprint cell-laden constructs that mimic the proximal renal tubule using microfluidic 3D bioprinting technology from Aspect Biosystems.

A prototype CENTRA™ printhead was used to bioprint core-shell fibres containing tubular epithelial cells in the central core compartment and endothelial cells in the surrounding shell compartment.

Over a 14 day culture period the tubular epithelial cells reorganized to form a lumen and the endothelial cells were distributed in the surrounding layer to create a structure resembling the tubulointerstitium where the peritubular capillaries wrap the renal tubule.

The ability to bioprint a concentric arrangement of different kidney cell types represents a crucial step toward modeling the proximal renal tubule and will facilitate further investigation into the mechanisms underlying kidney disease development and progression.

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