3D Bioprinting

<p>Shape <strong>every aspect</strong> of human health with</p>


<p>Shape<strong> every aspect</strong> of human health with</p>

& collaboration

<p>Shape <strong>every aspect</strong> of human health with</p>
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Finally, technology with the creative control to power bioprinted therapeutics.

Microfluidic 3D bioprinting transforms how we design, build, and employ living human tissues to make humans healthier.

Our Technology Platform
RX1 Bioprinter

Real tissues for
real-world applications.

We develop 3D bioprinted therapeutics that will revolutionize how we defeat disease.

Our Therapeutic Programs
3D-printed human tissues

Join forces to
transform medicine.

We partner with leaders in pharma, biotech, and materials to develop ground-breaking solutions in drug discovery and regenerative medicine.

Our Industry Partnerships
human biology

Access technology and
translate your research
to the clinic.

Accelerate your therapeutic goals with our microfluidic 3D bioprinting platform + scientific and commercialization support.

Our Academic Partnerships

Diversity makes us stronger.

Our strength has always been in our diversity. Different people, thinking differently, unified in creating a world that is better for us all.

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