Our core microfluidic technology powers our RX Bioprinters and provides unprecedented flexibility and control over 3D heterogeneous tissue fabrication.

Lab-on-a-Printer™ technology was developed specifically to enable the biofabrication of highly complex, heterogeneous 3D tissue. This technology is embodied through a growing portfolio of disposable and modular microfluidic printhead cartridges, each offering sophisticated tissue design features. Utilizing the concept of coaxial flow focusing, a cell-laden biological fiber is generated within the printhead cartridge and patterned into a 3D structure. This unique 3D printing mechanism opens entirely new doors in the design of 3D printed tissue by allowing multiple different cell types to be precisely located or combined seamlessly during printing. Lab-on- a-Printer™ technology is compatible with a range of low and medium viscosity BioInks that are particularly well suited to promoting tissue function due to a combination of favorable mechanical properties and high ratios of bioactive and cellular content to scaffold components. Importantly, Lab-on- a-Printer™ technology is a forward looking platform that is able to harness rapidly growing advancements in microfluidics to reach the incredible levels of sophistication necessary to truly recapitulate the complexity of native organ tissue.

Aspect Biosystems' Lab-on-a-Printer


Our proprietary software suite enables users to precisely design and build custom living structures in 3D.

Multimaterial deposition and patterning is coordinated through our easy-to- use software and enables a high level of customization in 3D tissue design and fabrication. Users are able to easily define and visualize unique bioprinting toolpaths, include substructures with unique build properties, and customize other aspects of the tissue design.

Aspect Biosystems' Tissue Design and Fabrication
Our disposable and modular plug-and-play Lab-on-a-Printer™ cartridge design provides true flexibility to meet research needs in tissue design and complexity.

Users will be able to choose from a portfolio of unique printing cartridges providing unparalleled potential for complex 3D biofabrication using a common RX bioprinter. Follow us on social media for news about Aspect’s upcoming cartridge releases.

Lab-on-a-Printer Cartridge Technology

The world’s first bioprinted 3D tissue to recreate acute and chronic tissue contraction.

Bioprinted using our Lab-on-a-Printer™ technology, the 3DBioRing™ tissue platform is uniquely capable of recreating the rapid contraction and relaxation of real human muscle tissues. The 3DBioRing™ tissue is fabricated from cell-loaded fibers to recreate natural muscle bundle morphology and cellular alignment. The 3DBioRing™ platform is broadly applicable to multiple contractile tissue types, the first powerful example, the 3DBioRing™ Airway, enables the user to investigate bronchoconstriction and relaxation at a tissue level in a physiologically-relevant and reproducible in vitro setting.

Contractile Tissue Platform