We collaborate with partners around the globe to enable the development of cutting-edge drugs and tissue therapies of the future.

Our Lab-on-a-Printer™ platform technology has broad applicability and enables the production of custom-designed human tissues for multiple applications in the life sciences. These applications include pre-clinical disease models for drug development and clinical tissue therapies for regenerative medicine. We are focused on establishing strategic partnerships to accelerate the growth and diversification of Aspect.  We collaborate with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies as well as academic researchers to develop biologically and commercially impactful human tissues. By combining our capabilities and platform technology with domain experts, we are able to unlock the full potential of bioprinting technology. Please contact us to explore partnering opportunities

Partnership opportunities at Aspect Biosystems


Therapeutic Tissue
Industry Partnership

Bioprinted knee meniscus tissue for surgical therapy.

Tearing your meniscus, the “shock absorber” of your knee, is one of the most common knee injuries, and incidence is expected to rise with an aging population. Surgical treatment of a torn meniscus may involve partial or complete removal, which is associated with increased occurrence of osteoarthritis.

Utilizing our Lab-on-Printer™ 3D bioprinting platform technology, we are working with DePuy Synthes Products Inc., a Johnson and Johnson company, to develop bioprinted knee meniscus tissue for surgical therapy.

Johnson & Johnson

Pre-clinical Tissue Model
Industry Partnership

Aspect’s 3DBioRing™ Airway tissue is the world’s first 3D printed airway tissue that exhibits highly physiological contraction and relaxation responses in vitro.

Treatment with histamine triggers an asthma attack-like concentration-dependent contraction, with exposure to salbutamol causing rapid, pharmacologically-relevant relaxation. We are collaborating with a leading biotechnology company to investigate their novel compounds in our human-relevant bioprinted airway tissue.

Aspect's 3DBioRing Airway Tissue

Academic Early Platform Access
Program (EPAP) Partnership

Aspect’s 3DBioRing™ provides a platform for developing a variety of contractile tissue models including cardiac, gastrointestinal and uterine.

Towards this, Aspect has partnered with Professor Iain Buxton at the University of Nevada to develop a uterine smooth muscle model based on our 3DBioRing™ tissue platform. Through this partnership, the University of Nevada has purchased Aspect’s RX1™ bioprinter via our EPAP and Aspect is providing access to its 3DBioRing™ platform and collaborating on the tissue application development. In the long term, results from this work may identify potential molecular targets for regulating uterine contractility to halt preterm labor.

University of Nevada, Reno